This physically hurts. People say they’re lonely, but they won’t make a single attempt to talk to me.

It really makes me feel important..sigh..seriously, how hard it is to just say hello? I can’t constantly do everything when the other person doesn’t make a single move. This way we can stay silent forever, I can’t be the one that always starts a conversation.

So I’m out of the hospital.

I’m cleaning up my room from the mess i left behind the day i left.

Then I’ll redo my model and possibly phone the schools later. I need to know if I’m in.

it’s 8pm. today has been shit and i still feel like shit.
i really hope i can go home tomorrow.

jesus fuck. will she stop MOANING.
this is so disturbing

ok. so im still on liquid diet apparently, i was only supposed to be held on liquids yesterday. We’ll see tomorrow morning if i’ll get out. something is just off here…
the lady next to me keeps whining and nagging and sounds like a goat when she laughs.
i want out. i want some peace and quiet ;-;


Splinter loves his babies. ;v; 

Full view ->HERE<-.

i’m hella bored.
i really want to draw or do some 3D, but i’m not out of the hospital before monday or tuesday at latest. i don’t need surgery so it’s only a case of my meds working…i hope it won ‘t screw up more than it did, because everything hurts…
i got really depressed and i’ve been crying constantly since yesterday night, from reasons only two people know about.
i just really want out…


so…im in the hospital again since yesterday night :I god bless, the xray showed the puss is collecting outside the organs and not in them. antibiotics might do the job so there’s a possibility i’ll be out of here in 2-3 days.

*sleeps til 12*

*eats for 3 hours*

*sleeps 2 hours more*

well then